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This tasty stone fruit is also known as the ‘apple of the tropics’. Mangos only grow in tropical regions, where the mango trees are often found along roadsides or in the wild, so that you can just casually pick the fruits. Mango trees can reach a height of some forty metres. Depending on the variety, the fruits can be rounded or oval, with a length of five to thirty centimetres. The ripe fruits are green, yellow, orange, red or a combination. The yellow pulp is soft and juicy.

Mango is rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, C and E, and minerals such as magnesium and iron. The fruit is also said to be good for the skin, making it soft and elastic. Furthermore, it is claimed that mango contains substances that improve memory and concentration.

Berrico’s dried mangos are from plantations in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Peru and Columbia. The mangos are harvested from the trees using nets on long poles. At the end of such a pole is a blade with which the mango is cut from the tree, falling into the net.

We add nothing to the fruits, not even sugar, in contrast to many Thai mangos, and no sulphur dioxide. Our mango is dried slowly, which preserves its beautiful colour. Berrico supplies mango diced, in half and whole strips, in both organic and conventional forms.

Fun fact: In India the mango tree and fruits are sacred. The tree symbolises strength. A legend goes that Buddha was gifted a mango garden.

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