We wouldn’t be where we are today without our longstanding relationships with our trusted partners. We believe in building fruitful relationships and we invest time and effort into the people and companies we work with. All our partners have been carefully selected to ensure quality guarantee and ethical business practises. All our partners meet our sustainable procurement standards and honor the same values and CSR principles as we do. We have visited the lands, farms and orchards of our partners and know the people behind the business titles.

Get to know our partners below.

Meet our Canadian cranberry and wild blueberry partner: Fruit d’Or, Inc.

Since its inception in 2001, Berrico FoodCompany has partnered with Canadian company Fruit d’Or that started in 2000. Fruit d’Or is the global market leader in cultivated organic cranberries and manages both the cultivation and the harvest of our organic and conventional cranberries and blueberries. European Berrico and Canadian Fruit d’Or are family-owned companies that form a close partnership. Both share the same belief that only the best and purest ingredients are good enough for our customers. This common ethos guides us in everything we do and is recognized by our clients across the globe.

Berrico’s date supplier: Boudjebel

Boudjebel S.A. VACPA (Valorization and Packaging of the Agricultural Product) was founded in 1982 by the Boudjebel family, who have been exporting fruit items since 1957. Boudjebel is the current world leader in the export of Deglet Nour dates, exporting more than 13,000 tons annually of this ‘miracle fruit’. The dates are grown in desert oases in Tunisia by more than 600 smallholders. All farmers are carefully selected and evaluated on their farming practices and their extensive knowledge on how to care for their palm trees.

Meet our hemp supplier: Liaoning Qiaopai Biotech Co. Ltd.

Based in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Qiaopai Biotech is a global manufacturer and supplier of hemp food ingredients. Founded in 2013, the company is dedicated to the processing and exportation of raw hemp materials for food, such as seeds, hulled seeds, oil, protein powder, protein isolate and peptides. Qiaopai Biotech specializes in dehulling using their advanced dehulling technology and patented equipment to produce purified hemp products of the highest quality.