About Berrico – the feel good food company

Berrico FoodCompany bv is a Dutch based B2B-company that imports and sells dried berries, seeds, nuts and specialty processed fruits and vegetables from around the globe. As a company we actively contribute to a hearty lifestyle and a better future through pure and natural ingredients. We sell organic and conventional products to packers, wholesalers and to the European food and drink industry. With over twenty years of experience we are one of the key players in the European market.

Berrico’s product range consists of more than 30 product categories and includes cranberry, blueberry, date, apple, goji, hemp, infused fruits and vegetables, mango, coconut and other tropical fruits. Most of these products are available as dried and a selection are available as frozen, juice and powder. Berrico is just as versatile as its product range: the team scans the world in search of innovative items to enrich our offerings and our services.

At Berrico we are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.


Quality control and assurance are key. We are IFS Broker, SGF and BRC-AB certified and our organic products are SKAL certified. This secures our extensive quality system and enables us to be a partner in pure, healthy and natural ingredients.


Sustainability is top of our agenda, and we strive to implement this into everything we do. We focus on building and maintaining fruitful relationships with both suppliers and clients; guaranteeing quality ‘from field to fork’. We personally visit our producers and maintain a dialogue with our suppliers to safeguard the quality of our products. Our goal is to create added value for every member of the chain.

What does Berrico stand for?

Berrico considers itself to be a reliable trade partner that serves its commercial customers all over Europe with a sophisticated range of organic and conventional food ingredients. Berrico sets out to offer its customers the opportunity to flourish in the market for pure and healthy food products. Berrico establishes itself as a flexible, creative and sustainable partner that realises these objectives effectively and successfully.

Our key values that impact everything we do

  • Health. Body and mind for the balance and energy needed in life

  • Quality. Pure and safe ingredients

  • Social. Networking, trust and justice maintaining fair and long-term relationships
  • Ecosystem. Biodiversity and sustainability for the future
  • Education & Innovation. Learning and sharing knowledge for technical advancement and innovation

Company History

Berrico’s slogan isn’t ‘the feel good food company’ for nothing. The company was born out of love to help people make healthy food choices. Berrico was founded in 2001 by four entrepreneurs with the dream of marketing dried cranberries as a healthy alternative to less wholesome snacks. The two couples started the business from their makeshift office located in a spacious loft in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

After a fruitless attempt of launching a cranberry product for the consumer market in 2001, Berrico decided to take a different approach. The consumer market wasn’t ripe yet and Berrico decided to focus on the B2B market. The previous experience forced the four entrepreneurs to adapt quickly and enabled them to better navigate the market and build fruitful relationships along the way.

As pioneers in the organic cranberry market in Europe, they built a loyal customer base and have grown into a globally active supplier with a unique product range. The cranberry became very popular and while it still plays a big role in our business, our current product range consists of more than 30 product categories.

2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of Berrico FoodCompany and the company has grown from four to a team of more than 20 people working closely together. Berrico has made a strong name for itself and is firmly established as the largest supplier of cultivated organic cranberries in the European market.

Berrico actively contributes to a hearty lifestyle and a better future through pure and natural ingredients