Berrico focuses on long-term fruitful relationships with both suppliers and clients; guaranteeing quality and transparency ‘from field to fork’. Our goal is to create sustainable relationships by creating added value for every member of the supply chain.

Quality control and assurance are key. Together with our suppliers, we draw up the highest possible food safety, hygiene and sustainability requirements. Our standards are higher than the legal European regulations.

How does Berrico add extra value?

  • We personally visit the producers and fields and maintain a dialogue with them in order to safeguard the quality of our products and ensure full traceability.

  • We conduct our own supplier approval to ensure quality guarantee. This is performed with proper risk assessment through documentation, auditing, analysis frequency and extra inspection of the goods in the country of origin.
  • We are in direct communication with the producer to gain a better understanding of the demand, the regulations compliance and the opportunities for new innovative products.
  • We investigate the entire supply chain with CSR principle and guide our partners with their yearly goal setting and performance.

  • We have our own Berrico Academy to share our knowledge.

We are BRC-AB, IFS Broker, SKAL (organic) and SGF (juices & purees) certified. This secures our extensive quality system and enables us to be a partner in pure, healthy and natural ingredients.

We do things slightly differently. This is a conscious choice, with a focus on costs and sustainability.

Foekje van Dijk, Managing Partner Berrico FoodCompany bv