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Running on chia seeds

In the time of the Aztecs, between about 1200 and 1251, the internet lay far off in the future. The Aztecs had no phones, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and suchlike to communicate with one another. But from time to time messages had to be taken to other tribes, who sometimes lived some two hundred miles away.

A particular Aztec tribe, the Tarahumara, had special ‘runners’ for this purpose, who had to cover such distances in a matter of days. Tarahumara literally means ‘they who run fast’.

In order to sustain the running, the messengers were given a handful of chia seeds. They also mixed the chia seeds with water to make the mix ‘iskiate’, which was thought to prevent dehydration. The seeds were known to provide an energy boost and boost stamina.

These days, endurance athletes often use chia seeds as a supplement. Could this be related?

Running on chia seeds
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