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True stories?!
Historic stories in which berries or seeds play a crucial part. They are all true, based on fact, with a few exceptions of course – for we have not been able to check all the ‘facts’. Hence the need for an occasional question mark.

The history of the berry goes back much further than human history. We can safely assume that the berry played an important part of the human diet from the very beginning. And it still does… It is impossible to imagine history, the present or the future without berries. Berries are so healthy, versatile and diverse – we simply cannot live without them.

Of the many stories about berries, we have selected a few: a Dutch story about cranberries because that is where our roots lie, a story about native people in Canada because that is where we source most of our berries, and a story about a French spy who ensured that we no longer have to be satisfied with small wild strawberries, but can now enjoy true ‘sun kings’. We also dedicate a story to the many names of the decorative physalis. Last but not least an Asian contribution: the world’s longest living human turned out to be an avid berry eater who achieved his great age thanks to the goji berry.

Seeds also feature in stories. Read here about how the Aztecs used chia seeds.

How did Berrico come into contact with berries and in the first instance with cranberries? Read our history to find out how that happened (and we can vouch for the truth of this story!).

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