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The strawberry is a berry, but it has a very distinct appearance compared with most other berry families. The strawberry is closely related to the raspberry, which is also not as round and smooth as many other berries. Apart from a tasty flavour, the strawberry has many other beneficial properties, including health benefits.

The Romans grew strawberries, but also native tribes in North and South America cultivated these berries for food consumption. The discovery of the strawberry that we now know in Europe is attributed to the French military engineer Frézier. In the early Eighteenth Century he brought the large strawberry that we know today back from Chile (see Stories).

There are innumerable varieties of strawberry – from the tiny wild strawberry to sizeable fruits. Each variety has unique properties that distinguish it from other types. The varieties differ from each other not just in appearance, but also in size and flavour, and in terms of their suitability for processing. The strawberry has become more popular than any other berry as an ingredient of muesli, dairy products and baked goods, confectionary, drinks, and a snack in its own right.

Berrico supplies strawberries dried, amongst other forms. Why not give yourself a surprise by tasting a strawberry in combination with our dried rhubarb.

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