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Rhubarb is the first vegetable in our range, but this Asian crop already has a rich history of some five thousand years. This vegetable (for that is what it is) immediately assumes a unique position in our product range, for it is a departure from our specialisation in berries, seeds and other unusual fruits.

The reason is simple: we are a service provider and supplier to packers and producers of food products. Our products add flavour and colour to our customers’ end products. They enrich muesli, chocolate, confectionary, baked goods, dairy products and drinks. Rhubarb suits this pattern perfectly. Although it is technically a vegetable, rhubarb shares many of the characteristics of fruits, such as its fresh, sweet flavour, and is used mostly in this way by our customers.

By introducing dried rhubarb into its range, Berrico also keeps an old tradition accessible and alive. Who remembers the enticing smells that filled the kitchen when grandma made rhubarb with strawberries? For many the taste of rhubarb is a feast of nostalgia.

Berrico supplies dried rhubarb. The sweetened pieces of rhubarb stems are mainly used as an ingredient in nut mixes, pâté and cakes. Rhubarb is also delicious added to muesli. Partly it is these many possible uses that led us to include rhubarb in our product range

Rhubarb combined with strawberries produces a delicious flavour explosion.

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