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The cranberry is and remains our signature product. This berry was our first speciality and it will remain for us both a source of inspiration and the foundation of our reputation.

Our cranberries come from Canada, where they were already eaten by Native Americans (see Stories for this and other stories). Our Canadian partner and producer is Fruit d’Or, the world’s largest grower and processor of organic cultivated cranberries. The cranberry is an ericaceous shrub that produces a fresh, sour to slightly bitter berry with a high content of Vitamin C and numerous antioxidants, making it a popular ingredient in dietary supplements (see also Health). The cranberry is especially tasty when eaten as a dried, lightly sweetened form, as a healthy snack. The berry is used in many fruit juices, carbonated drinks, muesli, dairy products and baked goods, chocolate, pâté, soft cheese and smoothies.

Berrico supplies both organic and conventional cranberries and in a variety of forms: dried (whole or chopped, sweetened, chocolate-coated), IQF, juice, concentrate and puree. For a limited time, during the winter months, we are sometimes able to supply fresh cranberries. This is just the time when the cranberry plays an important culinary role, especially as accompaniment to game dishes. The other forms are available throughout the year.

During their cultivation, our cranberries are treated with the utmost professional care. Next, they are harvested using specially developed machines before being carefully graded on colour, size and ripeness by our partner Fruit d’Or. Subsequently they are processed into cranberry-based products throughout the year.

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