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Another round small fruit in our product range is the cherry. The cherry is thought to originate in the region of Greece or slightly further East. It was probably brought to Europe by the Greeks. Ancient scriptures show that the Greeks and Romans were involved with cultivating and ennobling the cherry. However, there are also Chinese writings from around 2000 BC that describe a fruit that matches the cherry’s characteristics precisely. The cherry is a real flavour booster with its own distinctive character that is incomparable with any other berry. Many health benefits are attributed to the cherry.

Nowadays cherries are grown in many countries – the closer to the market, the better, because cherries lose their ‘cherry’-freshness very rapidly. They are unsuitable for the freezer, but it is not a problem to desiccate them. There are many different varieties, but the main distinction is between sweet and sour cherries. Sweet cherries are often eaten fresh. Sour cherries are mostly used in baked goods and dairy products – which is why this is the cherry that Berrico mostly trades in.

Berrico supplies the (sour) cherries dried, sweetened with either cane sugar or apple juice concentrate. Our fruits are destined primarily for baked goods and snacks. Our delicious dried, pitted cherries are available in both organic and conventional quality.

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