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Just like the cranberry, the blueberry belongs to the heather family, along with rhododendron and the strawberry tree. Around the globe, the blueberry is growing in popularity. Perhaps as a result of the continued interest in healthy, balanced food?

Berrico supplies two varieties of blueberries: the wild blueberry and the cultivated blueberry – both either conventional or organic. The wild blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) is a small berry from Canada, where the berries are processed with the utmost care by our partner, Fruit d’Or. The cultivated blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) is a larger berry that grows on tall shrubs. The cultivated berries in our range are sourced partly in Canada and partly from plantations in Europe.

We supply the blueberries in all possible forms. The juice of both berries is deliciously sweet. The dried blueberries are sweetened with cane sugar or apple juice concentrate and make a delicious snack in their own right. The small, wild dried berries work well in biscuits or bars, whereas the larger dried blueberries make a tasty snack as they are, or can be added to larger products, such as muffins. They are also widely used in mixes with cranberries and other berries or in bars and biscuits. In addition, we offer unsweetened blueberry powder, which is delicious in smoothies. For tea manufacturers we can supply the blueberries whole (chips) as well as finely diced (tea bag cut). As well as the dried blueberries, we also supply this berry powdered, as juice, concentrate, puree and IQF.

Blueberries have a low calorific value and many health benefits are attributed to them. The blueberry plays an important role in flavouring fruit juices, dairy products, baked goods and smoothies.

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