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The blackcurrant is the undisputed champion of Vitamin C content. Even the strawberry, known to be full of Vitamin C, is surpassed by the blackcurrant. A kilogram of blackcurrants contains two and a half times the level of Vitamin C as strawberries, weight for weight. It also comfortably beats the cranberry and other berries when it comes to Vitamin C content.

The blackcurrant belongs to the Ribes family, along with the gooseberry and the redcurrant. In many ways it is very distinct from the other members of this plant family, which in turn do not have many characteristics in common with each other. For example, the blackcurrant has a more spicy than fresh, sweet flavour. It is not so suitable to be eaten fresh, but if something requires ‘bite’, extra colour or depth of flavour, the blackcurrant comes into its own. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Berrico supplies blackcurrants dried, sweetened with either cane sugar or apple juice concentrate. It is used as a snack on its own, in smoothies, muesli or baked goods

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