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The aronia or chokeberry is not yet widely known. Yet the berry is becoming more popular, as increasingly people are adding this superfood to their diet. The small berries are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C. It is known that antioxidants protect the cells against harmful free radicals.

Aronia is a shrub of the rose family, that originated in the eastern United States. It is an easy plant that grows readily and does not suffer many diseases. The shrubs flower in May with floral white umbelliferous flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Depending on the variety, red, blackish purple or aubergine coloured berries appear on the shrub between the middle of August until October. The plant is at its most beautiful in the Autumn, when its leaves turn to rich yellows, reds and purples.

Our dried black aronia comes from Poland, where the sour berry has been popular for some time and is primarily used for juicing and even in wine production. Berrico supplies the berry both in organic and conventional forms. The dried berries are sweetened with sugar or apple juice concentrate, which gives them a pleasant flavour.

Aronia is a fresh addition to muesli or bars. It is also great in mixed nuts or dried fruits. Eating it on its own is not for everyone.

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