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Crop news September 2018 – Seeds & Dates

September 6th, 2018 | Crop News, Actueel nieuws en trends

Conventional and organic Pumpkin kernels – China

Overall prices are expected to be higher than last year from China due to a smaller crop on all grades this year. This is due to smaller plantings back in Spring of this year and also a very hot Summer in China also causing a further reduction in the expected crop yields/ output.

China has a long public holiday in early October, so demand is also high domestically for pumpkin and other seeds at the moment as well as high demand for the first new crop shipments in October /November 2018 for export. The Chinese New Year for 2019 will start early February 2019 so demand will be high domestically as well in January 2019.

There is also very little carry over from the 2017 crop on all grades.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – China

As mentioned regarding Pumpkin above, China has planted less seeds this year and this is the same for sunflower. Prices have increased and we do not see prices decreasing at least until next Spring.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – Bulgaria

About 20 pct of the crop has been harvested so far. By the end of September, the whole crop should have been harvested. So far, the quality is good, but the farmers are reluctant to sell at these current lower levels.

Conventional Hulled Sesame seeds

The sesame market is very firm due to a lack of supply both in India and also from Africa and other producing countries.

New crop Indian sesame is still about 2 months away and first arrivals will arrive about 7/15th November during Diwali. The main crop will start to arrive mid/second half November after the Diwali holiday. The African crops will be harvested from December onwards.

Brown and Golden Linseeds

Our suppliers advise that the crop this year is not as good as last year due to a very hot and long Summer in Eastern Europe and especially so in Russia.

Yields are down and prices asked by the farmers are higher but they are not really keen sellers at the moment, hoping to get better in the coming months.

In Kazakhstan early snow has caused problems with the crop still in the fields.

Hempseeds and Chia seeds

We can offer these from our stocks in Holland and the UK.

Organic hemp seed:

This year it is clear, that less fields are cultivating hemp seeds. Furthermore, the weather has been very dry and therefore the yield is decreasing. We expect the price for the organic hemp seeds from China will increase. New price will be available in October.

Organic Dates

Crop is coming along well, the crop will be a good one, but not as good as in 2017. The volume will be back to the level as in 2016. The final number will be depended on the weather condition in the coming month.

No carry over stock of 2017 left at this moment. Together with a normal crop plus no overstock, the price is expected to increase. New price will be available the end of September.

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