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Goji berry

The first scientific studies into the effects of the goji berry date back to 1578. The compendium of the Materia Medica, a well-known medical herb book states that the leaves, flowers, fruits and roots all contribute: ‘In Spring we pick the leaves which are called Immortal Grass; in Summer we pick the flowers which are called Grass of Eternal Life; in Autumn we pick the fruits known as Goji berry; and in Winter we use the roots known as Root bark. Goji drives the bad qi from five organs, regulates energy flow, strengthens the kidneys, nourishes the lungs, strengthens fertility, makes eyes sparkle and calms the nerves. This can lead to a longer life.’ Source: The Magic Ningxia Goji by Mr. Zigui Want and Mr. Xin Wang. In other words: never too much. See also the story of The world’s longest living person.

We, however, only sell the berries, as there is no evidence to suggest that the leaves or roots of the goji plant are even edible. Think of the potato plant – its leaves are even strongly poisonous, whereas the tubers have served as the basis of a good meal for many years.

The goji berry – like most berries – is rich in antioxidants as well as selenium, germanium, proteins (chains of amino acids) and other vitamins and minerals. The goji berry is thus rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins – the likely reason that the goji berry is believed to have a positive influence on human health as a whole. Does the berry indeed contribute to a positive life stance and is that why it is known as the ‘happy berry’? This is unclear. The fruit is often prescribed as a diet food, because of the aforementioned properties. In recent times the goji berry has locally been added to the list of ‘super foods’– foods that are believed to have special qualities and are super healthy.

Goji berry
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