Clean is the new healthy

Naturalness is top of mind for many consumers and the clean label trend has evolved from a unique selling point into an expectation. It turns out it’s what is NOT on the label that is important to consumers. They are looking for a transparent ingredient list that is free from dietary evils such as sugar, sodium, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Moral brands

Consumers are shifting their definition of ‘better for you’ to include products that are better for the environment as well as themselves. There is an appetite from consumers to learn more about how their food and beverage choices impact the environment.
In the future, consumers will not just seek clean labels but will seek brands with a clean conscience. These are brands that offer transparency, put their values at the forefront of their communication, and use ingredients and agricultural systems that give back to nature. In markets where clean label is becoming an expectation, not a selling point (eg Europe), producers can focus on pursuing ways to help consumers to eat for the health of the planet, as well as their own health. Communicating the clean conscience of a brand will require full transparency throughout supply chains.

At Berrico we live, eat and breathe From Farm to Fork, and our organic products can help you obtain clean label status and a clean conscience for your business. We have long-standing, fruitful relationships with all our suppliers and all our products are fully traceable from the field to our warehouses.

Source:‘Evolving Clean Label Expectations’ panel discussion – Fi Connect 2020.

What we
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