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Crop news June 2018 – Seeds

June 18th, 2018 | Crop News

Conventional and organic Pumpkin kernels – China

Generally, prices are a bit firmer on all grades due to the fact that we are coming into the last quarter of the current crop. Available stocks are becoming tighter before the new crop is shipped at the end of October 2018 from China.

Current stocks of shine skin are OK but GWS is starting to run out.

Plantings for the new crop are now done – adverse weather conditions such as sand storms and snow in the last 3 to 4 weeks in Northern China have not helped the situation.

Shine skin plantings by region
Inner Mongolia – is almost the same as last year
Xinjiang – reduced by about 30 pct and has been affected the most by the poor weather conditions
North East – has reduced by about 30 pct from last year.

GWS Plantings
Estimated overall reduction of about 45/50 pct from last year. These are of course estimates and we have a long way to go until the crop matures and we can accurately forecast the yields/quality etc.  We will keep you advised on a regular basis throughout the Summer months.

Current stocks are getting tighter especially for organic GWS.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – China

China is almost sold out of confectionery grade sunflower now until the new crop in October.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – Bulgaria

Current crop stocks are now very difficult to source.

New crop:
Seed suppliers in Bulgaria inform us that they have sold about 15 pct less seeds this year to the farmers – so a rough estimate is that the overall crop will be down about 10/15 pct this September.

Weather conditions in Bulgaria are already very dry and hot. The Sunflower plants are suffering, and they need water and farmers advise that the growth is considerably reduced from this time last year.

First new crop shipments will be made in the second half of September this year.

Conventional Hulled Sesame seeds

The current market is bullish in India. India had about 15,000 mt less from their Summer crop back in May this year. The raw material availability is tapering off and we feel that prices will continue to remain firm in the coming months.

The main crop in November is still 5 months away.

Brown and Golden Linseeds

Offers of current crop from the main growing areas are now very difficult to get. Prices have moved up about Euros 20 pmt in the last few weeks. Farmers advise that due to the very hot weather conditions in Eastern Europe and Russia / Kazakhstan the linseeds are not germinating as they should at this time of the year.

So overall it is expected that volumes of linseeds will be down this Autumn from last year and prices look like they will remain firm.

Pine kernels

Current crop:
Prices remain fairly stable for all grades and varieties.
We can offer both conventional and organic pine kernels for prompt /July 2018 delivery.

New crop:
Will be shipped in November 2018 from China.

Hempseeds and Chia seeds

We can offer both conventional and organic whole, hulled hempseeds and powders from our stocks and also Chia seeds.

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