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Crop news May 2018 – Seeds

May 7th, 2018 | Crop News

Conventional and organic Pumpkin kernels – China

Spring plantings started around the 20th April in the western province of Xinjiang and acres are also being planted in Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Heilongjiang provinces.

We will have a better idea of total acres planted by about the end of May, however we know plantings for all seeds are generally expected to be down due to the Chinese government policy of promoting domestic production of beans and corn to counter the higher import taxes they have imposed on these products in retaliation to taxes the USA has imposed on some imports from China.

Would suggest covering in your requirements until late Autumn now.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – China

Confectionery grade.
As above, plantings have started but it is thought the total acres for sunflower will reduce more than for pumpkin.
Prices have already started moving up in anticipation of lower volumes being available in Autumn and stocks of current crop are being depleted quickly.

Again, suggest taking cover until late Autumn.

Conventional and organic Sunflower kernels – Bulgaria

Conventional, Bakery grade.
Prices are historically low and any market movement is likely to be upwards from current levels. Our main sellers advise they envisage stocks becoming tight of current crop as we go through Summer.
Advise to cover in your requirements now until October 2018.

New crop will be available mid/late September and we will get a better idea of how the crop will look by early/mid August.

Conventional Sesame seeds

Prices are relatively stable being just a little firmer than last month, but price rises in India has been negated by the strengthening of the USD against the Rupee.
Demand for Ramadan, which starts on the 15th May this year, has already been met.
China which is the largest buyer, is quiet having good stocks of imports already to hand and this means although there is not a large amount of sesame around the overall quiet market keeps the prices stable for the time being.

There is some worry about the effects of the heavy rains in eastern Africa, which will probably delay and damage the quality of their Summer crops.

The Summer crop in India should be harvested in late May /early June and is expected to be about 30,000 mt this year which is down due to lower plantings by the farmers who planted more cotton this year for higher returns and also water shortages have hindered the crops development.

Conventional Linseeds – Europe

Market is generally calm with prices remaining fairly stable at the moment although we could see prices creep up as we go through the Summer months and stocks become tighter.
Growers in Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan are not currently very aggressive about selling current / new crop and we should get more information in the next month or two about plantings for the late Summer crop.

Would suggest covering in your requirements at current levels until October 2018 when the new crop harvest will become available.

Organic Linseeds – India

The harvest is already finished. Good crop and the price is at bottom low, but we see slight increase as there was probably less quantity available as fewer growers were growing this this year.

Market Update:

  • The crop this year looks good and the estimated output quantity is approximately around 1.3 times the average crop.
  • The new crop has already started arriving in the market and the quality is good. The moisture is a bit high right now, but it will settle out in March Mid.
  • The prices should remain at lower level than usual. But as these prices being at the bottommost level till date we can expect traders and exporters to jump in to buy the quantity initially and stock it up.
  • As soon as there will be demand flowing in from the local traders and exporters the prices will move up in the month of April and May and then settle down from June onwards.
  • Also, the Indian Flax Seeds being of good quality and cleaning is also good, we expect that the demand from international market will remain good and this might allow the prices to move up as well.

So getting the quantity finalized now is a good idea instead of waiting as the chances are 70% on upper side and 30% on lower side.


Just heard that the crop in Bolivia and Argentina suffers from frost in April. The damage is not yet known.

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