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Crop news April 2018

April 26th, 2018 | Crop News


As you may know, two times frost happened in China in April. Due to a warm spring, trees were already blooming, so many flowers are damaged. The most affected areas are in the Northwest, like Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan provinces, especially Gansu and Ningxia, where medium and high acid apples are grown. So China will again lose some volume on acidity 1.8+ and 1.5+ apple juice concentrate. Areas where low acid apples are grown is effected less, such like Shanxi and Shaanxi. And other areas close to the ocean in Eastern part of China are much less effected, for example Shandong and Liaoning. The total scale of damage could be confirmed in a few weeks.
This could effect the global price on the apple juice concentrate.

For now this frost seems not to have affected the goji berries, since they are growing more south in Ningxia. However, due to the warm spring the harvest of our goji berries might be expected earlier than in other years.


In Europe we are enjoying very favourable weather this April. Just in one week mid-April, all the cherries (sweet and sour) and apple trees in Poland are in full blossom, see picture. The weather forecast for May is also looking well. By mid-May, the growers will be able to conclude the crop volume on cherries and apples for 2018.

Rhubarb also benefits from good weather conditions. The crop will start early this year, probably mid-May and finish in one week for the first harvest. The second harvest (smaller crop) is expected in August.

Strawberries are next in line for the harvest. In the region you can spot growers busy weeding in the field. The forecast looks promising as well.

The cultivation of high bush blueberries in Poland is expanding at an extremely rapid speed, mainly for the fresh market, but also for IQF. High quality and big quantity dried cultivated blueberries can be expected from Poland this year.


Mulberries and apricots are growing in the same region. In the first week of April, there was not any major frost in the area of Malatya and at the end of April the frost risk dropped down to zero. A good and big crop is expected for both apricots and mulberries. The quality of the mulberries, however, is still depending on the conditions in the coming months as the berries are slowly maturing and sun dried.

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